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A whole house redecoration? One room makeover? No problem!

You don’t need to hire me to help you design a joyful and colourful home, you just need to know what I know! And in this course I’ll show you how to decorate every room in your home with total colour confidence. You'll understand all the elements from how to pick the perfect paint colour to combining patterns and surfaces to ensure that your schemes really sing!

Course goes live May 17th

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Just wonderful!

“The course was brilliant. Thoroughly recommend to anyone interested in design and who sometimes becomes overwhelmed when making design choices. Sophie explains the colour and design principles in such an easy to follow and structured way. Can't wait to start my own design process for my office!”

Niamh Carolan

Master the details and the whole scheme clicks into place

So many elements need to be considered to make a colour scheme that really hangs together and this is where the feeling of overwhelm can kick in. What a passion killer! Pattern, texture, colour, proportions, accessories, furnishing, lighting, and all needs to be considered. I break it all down and make it easy so you can master the elements and have fun creating a colour filled, fabulous home that you'll love forever.

Imagine if you could...

  • have the confidence and knowledge to make bold and audacious design decisions and feel thrilled with the results

  • create flow from room to room to bring harmony while still playing with different colours schemes throughout

  • creatively mix and blend different styles and patterns without it looking like one hot mess

  • pick the perfect paint colour for every room in your home

  • save time and money by knowing what will work from the get go

Pricing options

You can make your investment in one payment or spread over three months. Please ask us if you would like to gift the course to someone special


“I was slightly undecided about doing the course, wondering if it was 'for me' and worth the investment? Now I can say a resounding YES to both those questions. I am a complete newbie to interior design, and it has really reignited my creativity and interest in making my home colourful and lovely. I am looking at almost everything with new eyes and noticing colours, patterns and textures even more. The course is beautifully assembled with a variety of teaching methods, video, text, audio, as well as a wonderful private Facebook group for ideas. It really is a delight and I thoroughly recommend it. Thank you Sophie.”

Vanessa Hurst

Discover your colour scheming confidence

  • Learn how colour, pattern and design can be an incredible creative outlet and form of self expression and originality.

  • Begin to think about and play with colour and pattern with the confidence of an an interior designer.

  • Master how to create flow from room to room to bring harmony while still playing with different colours schemes throughout.

About the course

  • Content

    Engaging lessons with a blend of video tutorials, slide show presentations, articles, printable downloads and some assignments to cement your learning. And some rather fabulous house tours to inspire you too!

  • The Experience

    The online experience puts you in charge. Start when you are ready. Pause and repeat when it suits you. Access the course anywhere in the world at any time, on a laptop smart phone or tablet. The content is yours for life, so take your time.


    Possibly the best part of taking an online course with me is access to the amazing colour community. A private club to share ideas, knowledge and get questions answered. Not to mention the exclusive live Q&A's with yours truly.

Take your time

I really believe in the go-slow decorating approach. Creating a stylish home isn't something to be rushed and works best if you percolate ideas and wait for the right things to come along. However it's vital you understand all the elements that make up a whole scheme so you make decisions that result in a room that hangs together in the end. You save time, money and can also make those heartfelt investments confidently. Ultimately the goal is a home that really resonates with who you are and can grow with you over time.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome from Sophie

    • The aims of this course

    • Course curriculum

    • The design elements

    • The rules of confident colour scheming

    • Colour candy....a visual feast to get started

  • 2

    Understanding colour

    • Introduction to understanding colour

    • How colour works

    • Creating mood with colour

    • How colour creates feeling

    • The aspect of the room

    • Proportions of colour and visual tricks

    • The role of texture and pattern in a colour scheme

    • Your colour loving crib sheet

    • Asssignment: Survey your room

  • 3

    Sensational surfaces

    • Introducing sensational surfaces

    • Creative ways with paint

    • Your paint cheat sheet

    • Wonderful ways with wallpaper

    • Your wallpaper cheat sheet

    • Fabulous floors

    • Your flooring cheat sheet

    • Tiles and wall panelling

    • Your tiles and panelling cheat sheet

    • Windows, doors, architraves and mouldings

    • Your windows, doors and architraves cheat sheet

    • The perfect surfaces palette

    • Create your swatch box

  • 4

    Fabulous furnshings

    • Introducing fabulous furnishings

    • Wonderful window dressings

    • Your windows cheat sheet

    • Creative upholstery

    • Your upholstery cheat sheet

    • Scatter cushion tutorial

    • Cushion cheat sheet

    • Ravishing rugs

    • Rugs cheat sheet

    • Fabulous furniture

    • Your furniture cheat sheet

    • Assignment- Pin it to win it

  • 5

    Lighting, art and accessories

    • Introducing the importance of great accessorising

    • Luscious lighting

    • Lighting tips and tricks

    • Statement artworks

    • Art advice

    • Accessories, plants and flowers

    • Tips on styling

    • Assignment- Styling challenge

  • 6

    Pulling it all together

    • Creating flow

    • Blending different styles

    • Making a statement

    • checklist of rules

    • Your home, your way

    • Nailing your original style

  • 7

    Confident colour schemes

    • Introducing some sensational house tours

    • Siobhans Art Deco house

    • Guide to Siobhan's look

    • Claire's new build

    • Guide to Claire's look

    • Sandra's Victorian terrace

    • Guide to Sandra's look

    • Anna's rental apartment

    • Guide to Anna's look

    • Molly's country house

    • Guide to Molly's look

  • 8

    Go forth and feel confident!

    • Farewell from Sophie

    • Resources

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  • I've no training in interior design, is this the course for me?

    This course has been written to appeal to everyone, from complete newbies all the way through to design graduates. However the focus is on helping you design a home for yourself rather than the emphasis on helping you design for a client.

  • I don't own my own home/ have an interior design project on the go at the moment- will the course still be relevant?

    I think you will get the most out of this course if you have a room or even a whole house that you are planning to decorate. You can begin to implement ideas as you learn in your rented pad or present home, but to get the most out of the course you will put what you learn into practice by actually doing it. That's not to say that there is a lot to be enjoyed by simply absorbing the knowledge.

  • If I sign up and decide the course is not for me can I get my money back?

    I really want you to be happy with this course, and I've no doubt you will be! However we offer a 14 day money back guarantee from date of purchase if you decide it's not for you.

  • Will you be availble to answer my questions?

    This is a self led course and I've worked really hard to make it the best it can be so you'll learn all the tools to answer your own questions! I'm not on hand to answer your live questions but we have a thriving private facebook group, only accessible to people who have purchased my courses, which is a great place to connect and get feedback. If you have any technical problems with the course we are of course on hand to help.

  • What do I need to complete the course?

    While this is mostly an online experience, you will need a sketch book and printer to carry out the mood board assignments. In terms of technology, all you need is a phone or camera to take pictures and a device to use Pinterest and Instagram (like your computer, tablet or smart phone). Thinkific is constantly updating in order to improve the platform so in addition to having the latest web browser, there are a few other requirements that will help ensure you experience Thinkific smoothly. Make sure your desktop/device has the the following; Javascript enabled, PDF plugin, Graphic and audio output capability, Broadband internet connection with ideally a minimum speed of 5Mbps and TLS 1.2 supported by your web browser. Thinkific currently supports the last two versions of the following browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge on your desk top and iOS Safari: 11 and up, Chrome and Samsung Internet on mobile devises.

  • Can I share my log in so my friend can enjoy the course?

    Thank you for asking, but please No! When you enroll you get access for one user. I’d be absolutely thrilled if you wanted to recommend the course to your friends, but they would need to pay for their own enrolment. The way I make this course so affordable for everyone is by having multiple signups, so please respect that, and while we are here I'd really appreciate that you don't publicly share or publish any of the content. That would be an infringement of copyright. However sharing what you have accomplished during the course is actively encouraged! I can't wait to see those room reveals!

Your teacher

The undisputed queen of colour!

Sophie has been an interior designer for over 25 years, working across all media. She has stared as a TV judge for the hit BBC and Netflix show The Great Interior Design Challenge, more recently a guest judge for the final of Interior Design Masters and designer on the BAFTA award winning DIYSOS. Sophie is passionate about the transformational power of colour and championing great interior design. She aims to help people discover their creativity and express it in their homes . She shares her extensive experience and expertise here on her online interior design school.