Visualise your room schemes

It's never been easier to create digital mood boards, presentation boards and product lists with plenty of free software available on your computer or tablet. I'll introduce you to the options but more importantly the sequence of the design process and I promise they will help you keep your project on track and help you hone your vision for your home.
Create digital mood boards

What we will cover in the course

  • Mood boards

    Kicking off your design project by asking how you want the room to feel and conjuring up a mouthwatering board to keep the inspiration flowing.

  • Product boards

    An organisational tool that helps you clearly organise all the elements you need to source for your project, from wall coverings to flooring, furniture to accessories

  • Room mock ups

    It's so tantalising to help visualise how the room is going to look once you place all the elements next to one another. Using free software you'll be laying up professional looking boards to convince the other half to get aboard with your designs

  • BONUS- Live product lists

    To help you keep your project well organised both in time, sourcing and budget i'LL show you how to run a live product list with shopping links, delivery dates, and a tot up of the budget.

Create a vision for your scheme

Creating mood boards is so much more than nailing a look. Discover how to source images that inspire and excite and nail how you want the room to feel.

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Visualise how your room will look

Using simple, easy to follow techniques with no specialist software required I'll show you how you can playfully create 2D room illustrations to sanity check your progress

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Learn with me with easy to follow videos

I will be using Powerpoint for the demonstrations but the theories on how to lay out your boards is universal to what ever app or software you prefer to use.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. About the course

    3. How to source and save images

    4. Creating inspirational mood boards

    5. Telling visual stories

    6. Creating 2D room mock-up illustrations

    7. Creating product boards

    8. Mood board Powerpoint templates

About this course

  • £75.00
  • 8 lessons


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